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365 Wedding And Party Band discuss good and bad Wedding Entertainment Ideas

As a band who’ve performed on over 300 weddings in the Warwickshire area, a whole host of people ask us for suggested Wedding Entertainment Ideas. We all know the obvious answer is a band! Now we’re not just saying this to be biased, there’s a very good reason why parties have been accompanied by live music since the early ages of civilisation!

So, we’ll start with just a little about live music, then we’ll move onto some of the good and some of the bad we’ve experienced ourselves from working on so many weddings.

Well in terms of music, the most popular option by a long way is a live covers band. The main factor for this is that a decent band with a nice varied repertoire will get just about anyone dancing. Always go for a band with experience – it might look easy when a pro band are performing, but it really does take many years to be able to effortlessly flow from one song to another, making judgements on the fly to change the set lists etc to suit the exact people on the dance floor, the exact mood of the room.

Also, make sure your band have at least 1 or 2 genuinely live videos on their website. Now these won’t sound polished like a pop video, but these show what you’re really getting when you book LIVE wedding entertainment. You can’t compare a studio recorded video to a live video – you just won’t believe what goes on in studios! Vocals are auto tuned, guitars are recorded over and over again, there’s 3 or 4 keyboards on the tracks etc etc. A great live band won’t be afraid to show you what they’re like 100% live with a real audience in front of them on a real gig. Check out some of our videos – they’re all 100% live just recorded from a normal video camera with no tricks – VIDEOS – the audio quality won’t be brilliant – but you’ll see packed dance floors and real music pros doing what we do!

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365 Performing Live!

So, the next question; should you book a wedding DJ? Well, you definitely need something between a band’s live sets, but most bands offer their now DJ service these days and don’t forget, your modern pro musician knows music better than anyone. Our DJ service, for example, is offered absolutely free, uses the latest DJ mixing software (99/100 DJs use this themselves and don’t actually mix live anymore) and we have over 25,000 songs available plus up to 50 advance requests. We also have a high end sound and lighting system so it all looks and sounds great.

If you really can’t afford a full live band then one of the best wedding entertainment ideas is to see if your band offers a smaller line-up. For smaller weddings 365 offer their live duet with backing tracks and a FREE DJ service as above. We did an event about 3 weeks ago – it was at The Mount Pleasant Hotel in Doncaster – they have 2 function rooms and our clients had booked us and the wedding next door only had a DJ. Halfway through the first set we looked up to see our room was a lot fuller than when we started. It turned out half the wedding guests from next door had heard a live band, seen everyone dancing and had abandoned the wedding next door to come in and dance! It was going very well until the bride busted them and we watched on in amusement as she dragged everyone back to her party. Perhaps for her next wedding she’ll book a live band ;-)

Other wedding entertainment ideas we’ve seen at Warwickshire weddings including:

Magicians – table magicians work well early in the even. If you do wish to book a magician we’d recommend this just after your wedding breakfast

Jazz music – jazz is great in the daytime or even during your ceremony. A nice duet or trio can create a great atmosphere for post ceremony champagne and we’ve also arranged a fair amount of dinner jazz over the years. Our management company G-Sounds offer great live jazz across the country at Live Jazz Bands For Wedding

Casinos – well, we don’t think this is one of the better wedding entertainment ideas. It’s not really appropriate. What usually happens is a handful of guests get hooked on it and then neglect their other halves for the whole evening! This isn’t really one for such a family occasion unless you really have your heart set on it. Definitely get it cleared away before any live music or you’ll see couples arguing when one of them wants to dance and the other wants one more hand of blackjack!

Photo booth – we like this one, definitely one of the better wedding entertainment ideas and it’s fun to see 5 or 6 people dressed up trying to cram into a small booth after too much champagne! With this one we’re always more worried about the supplier, having seen several of them chase guests around the dance floor for their boas and sunglasses back! It’s a fun wedding entertainment idea that will provide you with some nice memories too.

Chocolate fountain – we LOVE this one!! OK, perhaps not really a wedding entertainment idea, but it is entertainment and as long as you let the band dip in too then everyone will be happy. These are always very popular, and delicious! Doesn’t help a musicians waistline though, especially when we’re performing on 60+ weddings each year!

So, there you have it, we hope that we’ve given you a few things to think  about when you’re coming up with wedding entertainment ideas for your Warwickshire wedding. First things first, get your live band sorted and if you have the budget consider some of the other wedding entertainment ideas we’ve discussed above. For a quick free quote, fill in our form to the right now. There’s no obligation and you’ll know exactly what a live band and DJ will cost for your wedding.

Lastly, check out our 100% live video below to see why a live band should always be the first of any wedding entertainment ideas on your list!


365 Wedding And Party Band x

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Wedding Entertainment Ideas Warwickshire
Wedding entertainment ideas from a live band who've performed on over 300 weddings. From live music to magicians, chocolate fountains and more!
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