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Manchester rocks!

We headed for the motorway last week to play a major corporate event at The Place Hotel in Manchester. Despite being based in Leamington Spa we find ourselves working up North an awful lot! Over the years we’ve played regularly across Yorkshire at lovely venues like The Mansion in Leeds, Ripley Castle near Harrogate, Oulton Hall, Rudding Park and many more. We actually worked with this particular client for the first time in Leeds 4 years ago and have been doing their events across the North of England ever since.

The Place Hotel, Manchester is a fantastic, unique venue for corporate events. The performance space itself was set up a little awkwardly when we arrived, but we chatted with the venue and they quickly moved the dance-floor around for us, which we really appreciated. We’ve done hundreds of live events in the past and getting the room laid out correctly is really important. It’s nice when a venue are happy to follow the band’s lead – after all, we perform to audiences every week and know what works!

We set up and sound checked and it sounded amazing! Getting the sound right is a priority for us. There’s no point putting in years of rehearsal and hard work if things don’t sound quite right, so we always sound check thoroughly and get things perfect.

The guests soon turned up and started tucking into champers! This was an awards ceremony for The DMA. The guest were lovely and friendly and rather than hiding in our room, we chatted to them in the build up to the performance. When we finally counted in the first song, around 10pm, the guests were raring to go and the dance floor was filled in seconds!

It was a truly fantastic party, ending with an encore and lots of high fives!

We’d like to thank The Place Hotel, Manchester for hosting such a wonderful event. Their staff were professional and friendly, and this always makes a huge difference. Massive thanks also to Suzanne and Michelle, along with all the other folks at The DMA and the wonderful group of guests on the night who kept us full of energy with their great dancing!

Until the next time…

365 Party Band