Leeds mosh!

We have a special fondness for a particular venue in Leeds called The Mansion. Set on the edge of the beautiful Roundhay Park, The Mansion is one of the North’s finest wedding venues. A lovely team of staff, along with a room that is the perfect fit for us, it’s always guaranteed to be a BIG party, and the wedding guests never fail to get down and groovy on the dance-floor for us!

Although we’re based in the Midlands, we do travel a lot and have performed at The Mansion on numerous occasions. We’re not averse to a few motorway miles to ensure our clients get the best live wedding entertainment they can find!

The only issue with The Mansion for wedding entertainment is the stairs!! This is the secret part of the building that only staff and visiting wedding bands ever see! Winding corridors and very thin staircases used to be a major pain in the B U M. Thanks to our amazing new Mackie sound system this is thing of the past – the new system is astounding! Not only does it sound superior to any system we’ve used over the years, but it weighs about a 3rd of the weight and is more compact. The wonders of digital technology! So for once, the stairs didn’t pose too much of a problem, and we were loaded and sound-checked in record time.

The crowd filtered in and we got the disco going with some special requests. We did a high tempo first set, we don’t mess around with slow songs when it’s time to party! The crowd were pretty rowdy tonight, which we love and kept the dance-floor very full, to the point of bursting! The first set was going very well until The Mansion staff decided to bring out Fish and Chips… this wasn’t a problem for the audience who grabbed their little portions and carried on dancing whilst munching away, but it did make the last 2 songs of the set torturous for us as the smell of Fish and Chips wafted onto the stage and made our mouths water! Once the set was finished we snuck off into the kitchens and cheekily asked the staff if there were any leftovers… they had some and they were amazing!

Now we’ve done loads of wedding gigs at The Mansion in Leeds, as we mentioned previously, but never before has the groom given me a tap on the shoulder during a set and asked to sing. Well tonight was the night! Mark, the Groom used to sing in a band at University and it turns out he’s not lost any of his performing skills! The audience pretty much went barking raving mad when Mark grabbed the microphone, and accompanied by the band with our singer on backing vocals, sung Sex On Fire! The crowd were moshing like we’ve never seen! It was truly memorable and a great way to finish the live sets.

Many congrats to Mark and Emma, a wonderful couple, and lots of love to the fab staff at The Mansion in Leeds – see you again soon!

365 Party Band

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